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Unlock the Power of Custom Audiences

We believe that understanding your audience is the key to unlocking unprecedented marketing success. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary Custom Audience solutions.

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What Our Clients Say

At THUMOS, our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We take great pride in the relationships we've built and the positive impact we've had on their lives. Here's what some of our valued clients have to say about their experiences with us:

The THUMOS Advantage

The Synergy of Success: Precision and Personalization


Say goodbye to confusion. THUMOS offers a straightforward formula to connect you with the right people at the right time, ensuring your offer reaches its mark.


Our advanced data aggregation processes gather information from various platforms, creating a comprehensive list of your ideal audience. No more guesswork; just actionable insights and information.


We're not just data providers; we're precision creators. THUMOS utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze vast amounts of data to compile a list of the precise individuals your business needs to engage with.


Secure your extraordinary results with THUMOS

Our service isn't just about data; it's about unlocking your potential. By tapping into the insights THUMOS provides, you'll supercharge your engagement game and elevate your business with real, lasting and steady results.

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The Thumos Approach


Imagine having a spotlight that illuminates your most valuable audience members. That's the magic of Custom Audiences. But here's where the enchantment deepens: we don't just stop at the basics. Through Customer Data Enrichment, we infuse your audience segments with insights that go beyond demographics. Behavior, preferences, and interests combine to create an audience as unique as your brand.


Welcome to a world where data enriches understanding. Our Customer Data Enrichment process doesn't just add information—it paints a full picture of your audience. With every interaction, we gather insights that allow you to craft campaigns that genuinely connect. Imagine knowing not only who your customers are, but also what makes them tick.


Web Property Sensors are the detectives of your marketing journey. They trace the footsteps of your audience, revealing the paths that led them to you. When coupled with Custom Audiences and Enriched Data, these tools offer a panoramic view of your audience's intent, habits, and preferences. The result? Your campaigns are guided by real-time insights that speak directly to your audience's desires.

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Track Your Success: Navigating the Funnel with Data Wizardry

At THUMOS, we've conjured up the perfect spell for your marketing success—data tracking through the funnel, complete with a touch of Web Property Sensors for that extra enchantment.


"Eric not only is a masterful wizard when it comes to problem solving for businesses, but also one of the biggest givers I know."

Weston Woodward

Super Connector, Producer, Strategist

"Sully and the Thumos crew are a group of highly connected and wicked smart leaders. They truly understand things that most leaders only thought happened in movies."

Boyd Ober

Founder and CEO @ Leadership Resources

"Eric Sullivan is a visionary connector of dots and people."

Eric Clark

Founder and CEO @ GMP Pros

"Eric is a consummate entrepreneur and connector, someone who's constantly pulling together ideas, people, and technologies that he meld together to create exponential value."

David Berkowitz

Founder and CEO @ Serial Marketers

"Eric has that rare combination of intellectual curiosity and capability that often results in game changing ideas that create outsized value for everyone who touches them."

Neil Bellefeuille

Founding partner @ Bild

"Eric is a humble leader with a very sharp operational and analytical mind. He has proven his ability to turn concepts into high-growth businesses ready for scale."

Grant Roscoe

Founder and CEO @ GMP Pros

"Eric has been a Joy to work with he can see the big picture but also the details to get it done. On top of that he is fair and effective in basic business dealings that are often a pain of doing business."

Hollis Carter

Founder @ BabyBathwater

"Eric Sullivan is a highly passionate and motivated leader that goes above and beyond for his clients’ success and long term growth. He genuinely cares about delivery and results, while making a distinct effort to make sure you feel educated and supported about the process every step of the way."

Jaclynn Brennan,

Founder @ Fyli

"Eric is a strong strategic thinker who also knows how to execute. He has earned my trust."

Matt Secoske

Founder @ Social Assurance

"Eric has a supreme understanding of human connection. He's amazing at connecting like-minded people and creating systems that free up time for entrepreneurs. His understanding of data collection, client acquisition, and customer service is unmatched. Eric seeks to understand the view points of others, treats them with respect, and then leverages his strength to get them results."

Landon Rhodes

CEO @ Grindstone

"Eric is one of the most talented, thorough and energetic strategists that we at Misfit have ever worked with. His focus, dedication and empathy are not only inspiring, but a perfect combination of what you look for in a business partner."

AJ Leon

Founder and CEO @ Misfit


Why Data Tracking Matters: Making Wizards Jealous

1. Precision Optimization: Data tracking isn't just precise; it's like a wizard's potion of optimization. Transform your marketing strategies with insights that other wizards would be jealous of.

2. Enhanced Personalization: With insights at your fingertips, personalization becomes as easy as waving a magic wand. Your audience will think you're reading their minds (in the most delightful way).

3. Resource Allocation: Imagine having a crystal ball that shows you where to invest your resources for the greatest impact. Data tracking makes that crystal ball a reality.

4. Proactive Engagement: Be the Gandalf of marketing, reaching out with messages that feel like they were cast just for each individual. It's not magic—it's data at its finest.

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Transform your marketing

At THUMOS, we're not just data enthusiasts; we're artists of marketing. Our approach combines the magic of Custom Audiences, Enriched Data, and Web Property Sensors to create campaigns that resonate and convert. We understand that behind every data point is a human being with unique aspirations, and we're here to ensure your brand speaks to them.

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Dear Friend,

Over the years I’ve found myself in many situations, conversations and business relationships that changed the trajectory of my life from despair to abundance.

What I learned:

Human connection is the most powerful catalyst in the world. I’ve built my businesses and the businesses of others by leveraging the laws of human nature and the raw power of cutting edge technology to facilitate the intelligence necessary for expanding the ability of the human connector, sales person, leader, founder, CEO or market developer to a superhuman capacity.

Through my marketing and sales process, you will have a chance to experience the true nature of a system that monitors the activity of and meets the client where they’re at while walking them past indecision and to decisiveness.

My offer to you:

I will buy you one hour of my time for us to have a facilitated conversation (a $500 value). In that conversation we will discuss your growth needs and decide jointly whether it makes sense for us to continue the discussion. If not, I will give you a check list of things that I believe will prepare you for your next level of revenue generation that if acted upon will prepare you for a phase where you and I can go to the moon together.

From resistance to momentum,

Eric Sullivan
Founder and CEO of THUMOS

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